The Holy Family House of Prayer

The Holy Family House of Prayer is the Shrine for The Weeping Madonna of Rockingham. This is Patty Powell's diary of events that are happening here on a day to day basis.

Location: Rockingham, West Australia, Australia

Monday, February 20, 2006

20th February, 2006

The grotto at the Holy Family House of Prayer
(picture to the left)

The Weeping Madonna of Rockingham - the image was taken on August 14th, 2003.
(picture below)

I have wanted to put down on a regular basis some of what happens here at the shrine and grotto of The Weeping Madonna of Rockingham. Here is my first entry. Today after Mass five of us went to the grotto at our local parish church to pray our morning prayers and to start the 33 Day Consecration of The Immaculate Heart. This runs through to 25th March (The Feast of The Annunciation).

It was a big day in the shrine as we had a bus load of pilgrims from St. Lawrence's church in Balcatta, West Aust. They arrived with a couple of unexpected pilgrims and we played the DVD (Faith's Journey - our story) and then we prayed the midday prayers. St. Lawrence's has a great devotion to St. Damian and St. Cosmas.
At 8pm each night in the grotto here at The Holy Family House of Prayer we pray for Our Lady's intentions and for all who have written petitions and for those that have asked for prayers. We first pray the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, then The Compassionate Tears of Christ (given to the visionary here) and the Peace Rosary followed by a Marion hymn. Nearly every night when Our Lady appears St. Damian and St. Cosmas come with her. They were doctors who never charged for their services and who along with 7 members of their family were martyred in the year 303. They are also identical twins. We have been given them as patron saints because we have a lot of sick people who visit The Holy Family House of Prayer. On the 19th February Our Lady gave the following message through my twin sister Eileen.

19th February 2006 (Night Prayer)
Ask for the help of the angels and saints. They will intercede on your behalf and will help you in any way they can. My beloved sons Damian and Cosmas come to help you in the work you do. They lovingly care for and guide you as you reach out in love to people who come to my Shrine. Pray for the help you need in your daily lives and ask for their assistance with those who are sick and suffering. They are loyal and devoted and will help in any way they can. Imitate their faithfulness and know that any prayers you offer which are asked through their intercession will be answered. Your Eternal Father gives you many graces each day including the angels and saints who patiently await your words to them. Remember always that you all should strive to be a saint for your time. Your brothers in Christ, the saints of Heaven, were once like you, normal people who courageously stepped out in blind faith and followed Jesus as His loyal disciple. They spent time in quiet contemplation to hear the words of God to them; they made many great sacrifices including their own lives. Their main concern always was for the glory of God. They loved their Lord and God with all their hearts, with all their souls and with all their minds. They made many errors in their lives but when God called they answered. They changed their ways and opened their hearts up to the love of God. They reached out in charity, love and compassion to those people God their loving Father put in their paths. They truly imitated Christ, took up their cross and followed Him. They courageously withstood any trials and temptations which came their way and humbly accepted God’s Divine Will in their lives. Take up the challenge offered to you this night – be a true disciple of Christ and strive always to live your lives as imitations of the saints who have gone before you. Read and meditate on their lives and follow in their footsteps always towards your Heavenly Inheritance which is the love of your Eternal Father in Jesus His Son through the grace of the Holy Spirit.